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Ethical Progress

Ethical Progress is defined as an effort by a business, government, or other organization
to achieve a core objective in a manner that has a positive impact on society.

In other words, it’s an effort that goes beyond profits and shareholder enrichment, beyond the supplying of government services, even beyond investing in our children. Those are all sound objectives, but implementation changes dramatically when seen through the prism of humanistic leadership.

Ethical Progress includes factors such as CSR, Triple Bottom Line accounting, Sustainability, respect for the public and greater good, and a commitment to operating in a way that has a positive effect on the world.

Whether an organization is designing a new car, re-engineering an education system, or trying to bring safe drinking water to developing nations it’s essential to understand, incorporate, communicate and even market the societal implications.

The benefit is a healthier and more sustainable society. And a more successful organization.