Welcome to Kopald Stranger

What We Do

So what exactly do we do here?

Well, that depends. What exactly do you do?

We are thinkers and strategists and creatives. We live and breathe analytics and trends, both in terms of commerce and social change. Our DNA may have begun in helping Fortune 100 companies achieve growth, but years ago it was gene-spliced with the overlay of doing good, resulting in what we call the Double Top Line: Organizational Success and Ethical Progress.

To achieve that, we offer hardcore strategic development and create communications campaigns. We analyze supply chains, supplies of energy, and supply insights into the consumption behavior of Millenials or the benefits of early child education.

We may introduce you to unusual, yet incredibly appropriate experts. And we seem to have a knack for matchmaking, helping our clients create partnerships (B2B, B2C, B2G, B2NGO).

If you're looking for a traditional list of services, we're sorry to disappoint. We facilitate change. And change, by definition, is not traditional.

So again, what we do depends on what you do. And what services and thinking we collectively determine you'll need.

And fortunately, we have a quiver full of them.